Girlboss Style: The Solopreneur

Today I wanted to do a bit of a different post, us business need style too! So I wanted to share with you my Solopreneur style. Whether it's going out to events, having a girls night, running errands, enjoying time with family or just lounging around I love to mix up my style so that I'm not just in PJ's all me it happens haha! 

My Process for Taking Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay photography is big now, have you noticed? I started doing flat lays back in 2014 when I first got my camera and at the time I literally didn't know what I was doing or the terminology for what I was doing. I just kept practicing and learning different techniques to make mine stand out amongst all of the other flat lay photos. Today I wanted to share with my simple process for creating flat lays for my own Instagram and Blog but I must admit I have few more tricks up my sleeve...stay tuned till the end ;)

Remember: Flat lay photography is photos created on a flat surface using props.